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Bring color to your music enjoyment!

Take it anywhere you want to turn any situation into a fun, light filled party.

Are you ready for feeling like DJ?

Just push the one button and feel the harmony!

Stuck in traffic, working in office is boring?

No worry! Make boring things funny with "Music Rhythm Light".


The colors are very clear and bright. Created a nice ambiance in my room.

Michael Russell

Works well in various selectable modes and also with the nice free app.

Sean Torres

Exactly as described and easy to set up. Funny!

Juan Freedy

Sound Control Music Rhythm Light

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Need something for your next party? Light and color maybe synced with music?

Make the Synth Sound the most fun part of your next party or music listening session! It is an RGB Rhythm Sound Bar that mimics the beat of your music to create a stunning light display, just like a nightclub does! Control the speed and brightness of the lights and the color patterns via the included smart phone app for an even more immersive experience. Synth Sound is super slim and portable too, so you can take them anywhere the party is getting started.
Does A Sound Bar Make The Tv Louder


Bluetooth Activated: Control the Synth Sound via the Bluetooth connected app on your phone. Pick from all the color combinations in the rainbow!

Slim Design: The Synth Sound is a slim tower of light power! Take it anywhere you want to turn any situation into a fun, light filled party.

High Sensitivity Mic: A small microphone port on the back of the Synth Sound analyzes sound in real time. It then mimics that sound on its light display for real fun!

What Is A Sound Bar


Bring The Fun: Your next party or music listening session is going to be like a nightclub when you add the Synth Sound into the mix!

Noise Reduction Filter: This smart feature allows the user to get accurate noise readings that are then displayed in the lights for a better visual experience.

Easy To Use: Long and short press the three (clearly labeled) buttons on the rear of the Synth Sound. It’s super easy to learn to use and no party will be the same again!

How To Connect Sound Bar To Tv


  • Product Name: Sound Controlled Colorful Music Atmosphere Light
  • Frequency Response: 100-16KHZ
  • Product No. A-6-RGB
  • Input Interface: Tape-C USB
  • Software Support: AGC; Intelligent Silencer
  • Input Voltage DC 5v, 1A
  • Net Weight: 60g